Series 10-220 Channel Trim

Elevate Your Experience with The 220 Series Frame Marker and Tack Boards.


Series 10-220 Channel Trim Features:
-New school and innovative style
-3/4″ Face Trim
-3 1/2″ Deep Accessory Tray for markerboards and chalkboards
-Projector-compatible option
-Integrated hanging system

Available Surfaces:
-Porcelain Markerboard/Chalkboard
-Natural Cork
-Designer Fabric



Transform your spaces with the excellence of our Porcelain Steel writing surfaces and an expansive array of bulletin board offerings. Each product is meticulously crafted in adherence to the stringent standards set by ANSI and ASTM, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality. Beyond the aesthetics, our attention to detail introduces practical features that elevate the functionality of your space. Immerse yourself in the epitome of quality, durability, and customization through our visual communication products, where excellence seamlessly merges with individuality. Choose from our diverse range of six standard assemblies, effortlessly pairing them with premium facings and substrates to manifest your unique vision. Our fabrication capabilities offer boundless freedom with standard sizes up to 60 inches in height and 192 inches in length, all impeccably constructed in one-piece designs. For those seeking bespoke dimensions, embrace the flexibility of custom sizes and multi-section boards tailored to your specific requirements. Our aluminum trim, engineered from 6063 T5 hardness, ensures unparalleled durability, with a minimum thickness of .062 inches for longevity. Enhance the aesthetic appeal further by selecting from our satin anodized aluminum trim finishes in silver, or bronze, or opt for a personalized touch with a powder-coated finish in the color of your preference. Your space, your vision – discover a new dimension of possibilities with our meticulously crafted offerings.

Additional information


Factory Assembled, Field Mounted


28 ga. Porcelain, Natural Cork, Polyester Fabric, Type I Vinyl, VIC Cork


1/16" Natural Cork, 1/4" Forbo, 1/4" Natural Cork, 1/8" Natural Cork, No Cork


1/2" Fiberboard, 1/4" Hardboard, 3/8" Fiberboard, 7/16" MDF


.005 Foil, .015 Foil, None


Framed, Wrapped Edge

Installation Instructions