Enclosed Directory Boards
Aarco Enclosed Directory Boards are perfect for building directories, menu signs, product offerings, schools, advertising and administrative and municipal buildings. Indoor units are equipped with felt letterboard backgrounds and outdoor units are equipped with vinyl letterboards (see color chart below).

All construction features are the same as shown for our Enclosed Bulletin Boards with the exception of the letterboard background. Sliding door units maximize the display area.

Coordinate with Aarco’s universal single TAB plastic letters.

Hinged door detail

10-920 -2 1/8" Depth 10-930 -3 1/8" Depth 10-940 -4 1/8" Depth
Universal Single Tab Helvetica Letters
10-921 Indoor
10-922 Outdoor
10-931 Indoor
10-932 Outdoor
10-941 Indoor Illuminated
10-942 Outdoor Illuminated
Felt colors for indoor use and vinyl colors for outdoor use. Grooves have 1/4” centers.
Sliding Door Design
Felt Vinyl
Disclaimer: Logo of the United States Postal Service is property of USPS and
not for sale to other customers without USPS permission

Communication Boards For Every Application
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