Aarco Portable Modular Boards
Aarco Portable Modular Boards can be moved from room to room or wall to wall easily. A screwdriver is all that is needed to unlock these boards. Additionally, boards can be raised or lowered in height to conform to the users comfort, even from a seated position. At the same time, boards are safely locked into position when in use. (See figure 1).
All units are fabricated with series 10-2500 trim and 10-2501 chalktray. Trim is specifically designed for heavy duty use. Modular clips are permanently attached (See figure 2).

Chalktrays are full length and have protective end caps. Modular units install easily on precision punched, single and double modular standards
(See figure 3).Single standards are used for left
and right ends. Double standards are used between individual boards.

Sizes are 48" x 48" and 48" x 96". Choose from a wide variety of writing boards and display boards.

Communication Boards For Every Application
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