Horizontal Sliding Units
Turn even a small conference room or classroom into a huge multimedia communication center.
The Horizontal Sliding Unit can be used to combine writing boards, display boards, magnetic boards and projection surfaces.

Sliding panels hang from nylon carrier rollers, top mounted to a monorail type track (See figure 2). The bottom trim is equipped with a bearing type guide which rides securely in a full length track (See figure 3).

The result is smooth and easy movement of the panels from left to right. This permits different panels to be viewed at different times, thereby doubling, tripling or even quadrupling
the working area.

Use your imagination and select any combination of writing boards and display boards for fixed and sliding panels. Specify if no fixed panel is required. Sizes range from 4' to 5' in height and up to 24' in length. Equipped with 2" x 2" Aluminum angles for sturdy wall mounting.

Series 10-170 Two track units 4" Deep
Series 10-171 Three track units 6" Deep
Series 10-172 Four track units 6” Deep

#10-222 Chalk tray / #10-325 Map rail

These units provide all the same features as our horizontal sliding units, but are supplied without the housing, making them ideal to install recessed in a wall, in a pre-existing, custom cabinet or case work. Durable rubber stops are provided to prevent sliding panels from coming into contact with existing surface.

Series 10-170C Two track units 4" Deep
Series 10-171C Three track units 6" Deep
Series 10-172C Four track units 6” Deep

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