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Writing Surfaces
Vitre-Steel Porcelain Writing Surfaces Guaranteed for Life**
Chalkboards and Markerboards
Porcelain on Steel Writing Surfaces

Aarco’s Vitre-Steel is manufactured in accordance with the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) standards and is produced by a continuous coil process to insure the highest quality and consistent finish.

Vitre-Steel is a strong, hard, non-porous surface that is virtually indestructible. The porcelain on steel surface is fired at 1364° F. for Chalkboards and at 1472° F. for Markerboards. Both sides receive a base coat of porcelain enamel. The
face side is fired a second time for a carefully controlled finish and color.

Standard sizes include heights of 48" or 60" and up to 192" (16') in length. Markerboards are now available in two great finishes Low Gloss
off-white and High Gloss White (see comparison for important details).

**Vitre-Steel carries a lifetime limited warranty when used as directed.

Vitre-Steel Porcelain on Steel 28 gauge 24 gauge
7/16" Particle Board with .005 Aluminum Foil 10-001 10-007
7/16" Particle Board with .015 Aluminum Sheet 10-002 10-008
1/4" Tempered Hardboard .005 Aluminum Foil 10-003 10-009
1/4" Tempered Hardboard .015 Aluminum Sheet 10-004 10-010
1/2" Flamecore* Fibre Board .005 Aluminum Foil 10-005 10-011
1/2" Flamecore* Fibre Board .015 Aluminum Sheet 10-006 10-012
* Flamecore is "A" rated fire retardant
Environmental and sustainable building information
• GreenGuard Certified • Recyclable Content – up to 99% recyclable

LEED categories for potential contributions
• Materials and Resources • Indoor Environmental Quality
Fused Lines and Graphics
We have selected 5 of the most frequently requested patterns. These patterns are permanently fused with the ceramic steel surface of our Low Gloss markerboards making them virtually indestructible when used under normal conditions. The imprinted lines and print copy are UV, wear and scratch resistant and because they are fused within the surface they do not interfere with normal marker use.
These patterns are offered both as independently framed units or as integral components of larger boards. For component pricing you must supply additional specifications.

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